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The University of Stirling Student Hub connects the Asia Scotland Institute to the extremely vibrant student body of the university. Our active community of Ambassadors ensures a grass-root approach in encouraging the next generation to engage with Asia. 

“I always look forward to the ASI events, they are extremely interesting and engaging. ASI has allowed me, as a student, to access the insights and predictions of influential and powerful people. I believe it is not possible to study a subject in isolation and the networking opportunities have definitely broadened my horizons.”

-K. Brown, Marketing


Become an Ambassador

FIRESDIECHATWe are currently expanding our Student Hub initiative. By participating as an Ambassador, you’ll effectively be a member of a student-run organisation which has a lot to offer to its members from the beginning. Being an Ambassador at the Asia Scotland Institute will provide you with a hands-on learning opportunity.

We are introducing Fire Side Chats, in which students are able to speak privately with our guest speakers prior to our events. This is a great opportunity to meet global leaders, ranging from CEO’s of global companies, from heads of state to renowned economists and successful authors.


G Finn - UoS


Govinda Finn – Inspiring Global Careers, Providing Unique Insight on Japan

On the 1st of November Govinda Finn, Japan & Developed Asia Economist, visited the University of Stirling to meet with students from across the university. Govinda’s talk focussed on pursuing an international career providing unique insight on Japan and its economy.



Sign up for upcoming talks with Global Leaders in Business & Politics using the discount code STIR201819

Student Blogs

LearnBlog about various student’s opinions who have lived in Asia. If you are moving or going on exchange to Asia, this is a great resource to hear thoughts and opinion of those who have lived there before

Have you lived in Asia or are moving there? Send us a short paragraph of your experience and your thoughts.