Student Hubs

Student Hubs

Student Hubs are aimed to strengthen the link between the Asia Scotland Institute and the student body. The Student Hub is a student led organisation composed of a team of Ambassadors and have key responsibilities.

By participating as an Ambassador, you’ll effectively be a member of a student run organisation which has a lot to offer to its members from the beginning. Being an Ambassador at the Asia Scotland Institute will provide you with a hands-on learning opportunity.

FIRESDIECHATWe are introducing Fire Side Chats, in which students are able to speak privately with our guest speakers prior to our events. This is a great opportunity to meet global leaders, ranging from CEO’s of global companies, former heads of state, to renowned economists and successful authors.



Key Responsibilities

Event promotion– Promotion of upcoming events involves posting on social media channels and informing about the event in lectures of numerous Asia related courses with provided template slides as presentation material.

Seek out content for the Hub’s own webpage– An independent web page will be dedicated to the Student Hub. Student Hubs provide content such as short news paragraphs of the past events including visitor comments from students. Moreover, the Ambassadors are encouraged to reach out to students who have lived in Asia or are going on exchange to write a blog paragraph of their experience/thoughts.

Establish relationships with other student led groups/societies– The Hub will establish relationships with relevant student run groups and societies in the university. The Hub should provide insight of the student body environment noting the standing of relationships with other student groups/societies, the current largest trends on campus, major events or changes and ideas for potential further engagement with students.

Assist in event logistics– Ambassadors of the hub should help with the setup of microphones, other IT devices and chairs of ASI events as well as managing guest registration. May also be required to take pictures.

Recruit new Ambassadors– Ambassadors will promote the opportunity of joining the Hub in social media and when promoting before a lecture.

It is our intention to organise a group preliminary meeting for students interested of this opportunity with the Institute Director, David Birrell.

If you are interested in participating in this project as an Ambassador or Head Ambassador please contact: