Research Ambassador

Research Ambassador

The Asia Scotland Institute is a non-profit organisation which exists to promote a greater understanding of Asia through the sharing of knowledge. We run regular events with global leaders from across Asia, with the aim of stimulating curiosity and fostering an environment to promote the exchange of knowledge.
We are looking for an ambassador who can help ensure the organisation remains on the pulse of the latest developments in Asia, and globally. In this role you will work closely with key members of staff, meet and share your ideas with global influencers, and produce reports on wide-ranging themes. You will be instrumental in ensuring our work and programme of events remains relevant to the key issues of the day.

Key Responsibilities

– Researching the latest developments in Asia across business, politics, culture, technology, and other important thematic areas
– Researching emerging and potential links between Asia and Scotland, and identifying key organisations and actors in this space
– Creating brief written reports on key issues for ASI staff
– Producing pieces for the website and external distribution
– Working closely with other ambassadors
– Attendance at events and collaborating on team projects

Skills & Qualities

– Pro-active mindset and unafraid to share ideas
– Excellent research and written communication skills
– Strong interest in global affairs
– Able to collaborate with others while managing independent work
An ambassadorship at the Asia Scotland Institute will provide you with a hands-on learning opportunity where you will meet global leaders, ranging from CEOs of global companies, former heads of state, to renowned economists and successful authors. You will also apply your academic skills in a real world setting.


“This experience inspired me to apply to the National University of Singapore. Changes are bound to happen in Asia in this century. I want to witness that transformation. As an ASI Student Ambassador, I’ve kick-started my professional career in that direction.”
Josefine Lynggaard, University of Edinburgh