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Afghanistan’s female volleyball players tell of threats and fear

George Wright, BBC News – 23 September 2021 Zahra Fayazi, a former coach for the Afghanistan women’s volleyball team, tells the BBC her fears as her fellow teammates move from province to province in an attempt to escape the Taliban whilst one has already been killed. Zahra states “I can’t see a future for volleyball…

The war in Afghanistan has shaped an entire generation in the West

Constanze Stelzenmuller, Brookings – 2 September 2021 “The outcome of the final, but as yet unfinished, act of the West’s intervention in Afghanistan will determine its legitimacy. And what happens now will affect trust between politicians, civil societies, and the armed forces for years to come.” This article on Brookings describes why the aftermath of…

Don’t think Taliban have changed: William Dalrymple

William Dalrymple, India Today – 8 September 2021 In this interview with India Today, William Dalrymple talks about the crisis in Afghanistan. Dalrymple explains why he doesn’t believe the Taliban have changed from when they last ruled and why they still remain a significantly dangerous and backward force. Watch the full interview here.

Taliban’s ‘spectacularly uninclusive’ govt unlikely to survive, says William Dalrymple

Times of India – 12 September 2021 The Times of India reports on William Dalrymple’s reaction to the Taliban’s all-male list of cabinet members. Dalrymple states that “The government is not just not inclusive, it is sort of quite spectacularly ‘uninclusive’ even within the Taliban frame” and claims it’s unlikely that they will continue their…

Afghanistan, United States and Regional Developments: The Path Forward

Dr. Sohail Mahmood – 12 September 2021 On August 30, the war in Afghanistan ended. America had managed to evacuate some 123,000 civilians from Kabul, including 6,000 Americans. The twenty-year war had a high cost. Some 2,461 US soldiers and civilians were killed.  On August 26  a terrorist bombing killed 13 soldiers in Kabul. President Biden on August 31, 2021…

Americans Never Understood Afghanistan Like the Taliban Did

Shadi Hamid, The Atlantic – 23 August 2021 America’s nation-building fantasies painted over the realities of a failed state and created an insurmountable barrier between Afghan citizens and the US military, according to this article on The Atlantic. Instead, the Taliban made their return through grass-root dispute resolutions. Read the full article here.

Afghanistan always defeats the West

William Dalrymple, UnHerd – 30 August 2021 The correlation between the First and Fourth Anglo-Afghan War is substantive and a grasp of history dating back to the first war from 1939-42 would have, according to this article, prevented a disastrous war and avoided another military humiliation for the West. Read the full article here.