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Avoiding a new Cold War between the US and China

Jeffrey A. Bader – Brookings Institution With the November presidential election looming, many China watchers are focused on what the outcome could mean for relations between Washington and Beijing. That question is no doubt a crucial one. At the same time, many trends in that all-important relationship are of course longer-term than one presidential administration.…

Iran’s corona-diplomacy The Rouhani administration’s miscalculated efforts to get sanctions lifted

Tehran has tried to use the present coronavirus crisis to improve its international position. Now, amid the pandemic, the Iranian government’s campaign against Washington’s “maximum pressure” sanctions has yielded important international support, but the Rouhani administration still seems to misread the White House. This article by Ali-Fatholla Nejad and Amin Naeni and published by the…

Clouded thinking in Washington and Beijing on COVID-19 crisis

This article from the Brookings Institute highlights how difficult domestic situations in both China and the United States is encouraging more nationalistic and ‘wolf-warrior’ diplomacy in their dealings with each other.