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Yes, Naomi Osaka is Japanese. And American. And Haitian

Aoife Wilkinson, The Conversation – 27 July 2021 Naomi Osaka quickly became the face of the Tokyo Olympics this year, as she challenged Japan’s traditional ideas of cultural identity. As some question her place within Japan’s athlete committee, this article on The Conversation celebrates her mixed-race heritage. Read the full article here.

From Beijing to Tokyo, Pang Wei’s persistence fulfils a childhood dream

Xinhua, Global Times – 28 July 2021 Olympic gold medal winner 35-year-old Pang Wei had both the hopes of a nation and his childhood dream weighing down on him as he aimed at the air pistol targets in Tokyo on Tuesday. This article on Global Times looks back on Pang’s rise to Olympic fame and…

This Nurse Trained for the Olympics While Fighting on the Frontlines

Chaunie Brusie, – 26 July 2021 Singaporean Joan Poh, 30 years old, is both an Olympic athlete and a dialysis nurse. The New York Times recently published a profile on Poh, recounting her heroism during the pandemic, her working-class background and her struggle to fit in both her demanding frontline job and Olympic training…