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‘India can become global AI, data hub, enabling jobs’

Mini Tejaswi, The Hindu – 13 March 2021 In this article on The Hindu, Microsoft India president Anant Maheshwari discusses how enterprises are adapting to a Covid19 market, the importance of security and privacy in product development and service provision and why Microsoft sees India as a ‘global AI, data hub’. Read the full article…

5 Women In Tech Championing Sustainable Change

Jocelyn Landes, Tatler Malaysia – 1 March 2021 This article in Tatler Malaysia highlights five women in the tech and sustainability field who are championing the role of women in the industry. From sustainable construction to lab-grown seafood, these women are all working towards a sustainable future. Read the full article here.

One lesson the U.S. can learn from China to improve its competitiveness in technology development

Joseph Kannarkat and Norman Augustine, Brookings – 19 January 2021 China’s success story since its economic reforms has been characterised by high levels of technological development and innovation, a prominent example being its world-class high-speed railway. This article in Brookings explains why the U.S., currently stagnating in its global competitiveness, should take lessons from China’s…