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Climate threat over South Asia

Jawed Naqvi, Dawn – 26 October 2021 In this article on Dawn, the author explains why the SAARC member countries should “wake up” to the imminent threat of climate change on their livelihoods, and put aside their chronic political differences to cooperate on solutions. Read the full article here.

An uneasy limbo for US-Pakistan relations amidst the withdrawal from Afghanistan

Madiha Afzal, Brookings – 6 August 2021 The relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan has, for years, been defined by both state’s interests in the war in Afghanistan. This article on Brookings looks at the U.S.’ and Pakistan’s official stance on the situation and discusses why it may define their future relationship as well. Read…

Tokyo 2020: Nigara Shaheen on her journey to Refugee Olympic Team

Faras Ghani, Al Jazeera – 23 July 2021 Nigara Shaheen’s family walked for two days and two nights to flee the war in Afghanistan and cross the border into Pakistan when she was only six months old. Today, she is competing as part of the Refugee Olympic Team at the 2020 Olympics. In this interview…

Pakistan, Russia on track to develop strong relations

Muzaffar Rizvi, Khaleej Times – 5 June 2021 Experts analysing the recent visit of Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, to Islamabad say that there is strong potential for Russia and Pakistan to develop a closer political and economic relationship if they can overcome their long-standing rivalry. Read the full article here.

Pakistan’s top diplomat warns China could fill void left by US

Wajahat Khan, Nikkei Asia – 26 May 2021 In a recent interview at Pakistan’s consulate in New York, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the country’s foreign minister, answered questions on the country’s relationship with its previous ally, the U.S., and its new investor, China. Also discussed was Pakistan’s stance on Afghanistan, India and the Indo-Pacific’s Quad. Read…

Pakistan’s dangerous capitulation to the religious right on the coronavirus

The religious right in Pakistan has long influenced the country’s government and is doing so amid this COVID-19 pandemic, explains Madiha Afzal. This piece originally appeared in the Washington Post. Perform your ablutions at home. Bring your own prayer mats, place them six feet apart. Wear masks. Use the provided hand sanitizer. No handshakes or…