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Will Japan and South Korea Relations Move Forward After Rare G7 Face-to-Face Meeting?

Duncan Bartlett, Japan Forward – 7 May 2021 “The joyless faces and grim accounts of the meeting are not very encouraging. Fortunately, there was one important common ground: North Korea”. In this article on Japan Forward, Duncan Bartlett analyses the subdued discussion between Japan and South Korea’s foreign ministers on the sidelines of the recent…

Biden losing friends and gaining enemies

Brandon J. Weichert, Asia Times – 27 April 2021 Strengthening relationships with its allies is key to the U.S. containing China’s economic coercion and rise to power, yet according to this article on Asia Times “the Biden administration has gone out of its way to alienate potential allies across the world”. Read the full article…

Realistic ambitions for US alliance system in Asia

Kori Schake, East Asia Forum – 7 April 2021 This short article on East Asia Forum analyses the U.S.’ network of alliances within Asia and China’s influence on them. The major barrier to enhanced relationships within the region, the article states, is their allies’ economic reliance on China whilst the U.S. “is more self-absorbed than…

Human Rights and US Foreign Policy: Implications for India and China

Ayjaz Wani and Kashish Parpiani, Observer Research Foundation – 28 April 2021 This Observer Research Foundation paper by Ayjaz Wani and Kashish Parpiani examines the Trump administration’s approach to human rights within India and China and how the approach compares to the current one under the Biden administration. The paper’s main findings note “an emergent…

Washington Is Avoiding the Tough Questions on Taiwan and China

Charles L. Glaser, Foreign Affairs – 28 April 2021 It is a widely held belief among U.S. foreign policy officials that China presents a greater threat now than ever before. Consequently, most debate about foreign policy towards China has involved how to cooperate with U.S. allies to contain Beijing’s economic force. However, this article considers…

What Comes After the Forever Wars

Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy – 28 April 2021 After Joe Biden’s announcement of the withdrawal of all American troops in Afghanistan, this article on Foreign Policy by Stephen M. Walt discusses why simply ending the war is not enough, and the importance of reflection in ensuring the U.S. develops effective foreign policy within Asia…

Reaction and revenge

Duncan Bartlett, Asian Affairs – April 2021 The US and its allies have reacted to China’s tightened control over Hong Kong by placing sanctions on top Communist Party figures. In this article on Asian Affairs, Duncan Bartlett considers whether or not and how China will respond to this overseas condemnation. Read the full article here.

Mr. Suga’s VIP Treatment at the White House Provokes China’s Fury

Duncan Bartlett, Japan Forward – 19 April 2021 In this article on Japan Forward, Duncan Bartlett analyses Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s recent meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden at The White House. Joint support for Taiwan, the climate crisis and North Korea were among the topics for discussion. Read the full article here.

An upbeat mood on Asia is registered at the Boao Forum despite Covid crisis

Duncan Bartlett, China Plus – 22 April 2021 Booming post-Covid Asian economies, vaccine alliances and U.S.-China relations, in this article on China Plus Duncan Bartlett analyses the key messages from the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 which took place last week. Read the full article here.