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An upbeat mood on Asia is registered at the Boao Forum despite Covid crisis

Duncan Bartlett, China Plus – 22 April 2021 Booming post-Covid Asian economies, vaccine alliances and U.S.-China relations, in this article on China Plus Duncan Bartlett analyses the key messages from the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 which took place last week. Read the full article here.

The Domestic Politics of Suga’s China Stance

Duncan Bartlett, The Diplomat – 19 April 2021 In this article on The Diplomat, Duncan Bartlett analyses the meeting between Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide and U.S. President Joe Biden on 17 April, specifically why domestic politics influenced Suga’s softer language on China discussions. Read the full article here.

Iran’s Zarif indicates that Iran hopes to balance Russia and China

Seth J. Frantzman, The Jerusalem Post – 5 April 2021 Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke to Iran’s Tasnim News Agency about power shifts from the West to the East and why Iran must, as a result, work more closely with Russia and China. This article in The Jerusalem Post analyses the main points from the…

Will Natanz attack, uranium enrichment derail nuclear diplomacy with Iran?

Robert Einhorn and Adrianna Pita, Brookings – 14 April 2021 On this podcast, Brookings’ Adrianna Pita talks with Robert Einhorn, a senior fellow with the Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Initiative at Brookings, about why he believes both the U.S. and Iran still have incentives to follow through with negotiations towards restoring the Joint Comprehensive Plan…

Iran and Russia discuss ties, the Middle East, and nuclear deal

Maziar Motamedi, Al Jazeera – 13 April 2021 Iranian president Hassan Rouhani recently met with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to discuss nuclear deals, bilateral relations and expanding regional cooperation with other countries. This article in Al Jazeera details the specifics of Rouhani and Lavrov’s high-level talks. Read the full article here.

China-Iran 25-year deal not aimed at any country: Iranian envoy

Xie Wenting, Global Times – 15 April 2021 A Global Times reporter, the Chinese tabloid newspaper under the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily, Xie Wenting interviewed the Iranian Ambassador to China, Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh, on issues concerning the 25-year cooperation agreement. Keshavarzzadeh stated “Western countries still have the leverage to extend their colonial domination through the…

The Quad’s importance to India’s strategic autonomy

C. Raja Mohen, The Indian Express – 16 March 2021 The Indian Express reports on the importance of India’s participation in The Quad to the country’s strategic autonomy. The article also discusses the opposing view from The Global Times, the Chinese newspaper for international affairs, that India will lose this strategic autonomy by moving further…

A Roadmap for U.S.-Europe Cooperation on China

Paul Gewirtz, Ryan Hass, Susan Thornton, Robert Williams, Craig Allen, David Dollar, Yale Law School, Paul Tsai China Center – 16 February 2021 A previous article we mentioned this week in South China Morning Post explained the backlash in the European Parliament over the EU-China investment deal due to concerns over ignoring the Biden administration’s…

Short of War – How to Keep U.S.-Chinese Confrontation From Ending in Calamity

Kevin Rudd, Foreign Affairs – March/April 2021 The U.S. has been the world superpower in a unipolar international system since the collapse of the Soviet Union, therefore it should serve as no surprise that the fast rise of China and their impending joint place at the top of the table unsettles Washington. Kevin Rudd writes…