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With Evergrande’s managed collapse, Beijing is sending mixed messages to the markets

Eswar Prasad, Fortune – 6 October 2021 Speaking of the collapse of China’s property giant Evergrande, this article on Fortune states “as implicit guarantees of debt or equity disappear, and as Beijing continues its frontal assault of some of its most prominent companies, investments in China now seem a highly risky proposition”. Read the full…

Analysis: What lies beneath? Hidden debt fears feed China’s property woes

Samuel Shen, Marc Jones and Claire Jim, Reuters – 21 October 2021 As China Evergrande Group trudges on to what looks like the country’s biggest ever corporate failing, this article on Reuters analyses what lies beneath: the hidden debt fears feeding China’s property woes. Read the full article here.

Time for orderly resolution for Evergrande is running out

The Economist – 23 October 2021 Time is running out to avert further turbulence in China’s property market as China’s regulators fail to make a plan for delivering on already promised projects, according to this article on The Economist. Read the full article here.

How fall of property giant Evergrande sent a shockwave through China

Helen Davidson and Martin Farrer, The Guardian – 25 September 2021 “The potential collapse – the culmination of years of borrowing – has sent shockwaves through the finance and property sectors, and prompted concern that it could affect China’s entire financial system, even international markets.” This article on The Guardian discusses how the fall of…

China: What is Evergrande and is it too big to fail?

Peter Hoskins and Katie Silver, BBC News – 29 September 2021 The collapse of Evergrande would have a detrimental fallout and cause shockwaves through Chinese supply chains, property market and financial systems. But what is Evergrande and why does it have such a far-reaching impact? This BBC News article explores this. Read the full article…