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Adapt or Abandon? Hard Choices in the Himalayas

T.V. Padma, Sapiens – 27 October 2021 “Home or away, then, these Himalayan communities find that maintaining their cultural identity, heritage, and way of life is an uphill task.” This article on Sapiens documents the struggles of people in the Himalayas as climate change disrupts their livelihoods. Read the full article here.

The writing’s on the wall for Kabul’s street art scene

Amy Kazmin, Financial Times – 9 September 2021 Upon taking over the city, the Taliban decimated Kabul’s colourful street art which, for many, had provided a cheerful sign of hope during troubled times. In this article on the FT, Amy Kazmin looks at the outlook for arts and culture within the country under Taliban rule.…

What Are the Taliban’s Plans for Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage?

Helen Holmes, Observer – 8 September 2021 According to this article, the resurgence of the Taliban and chaotic scenes in Kabul cause uncertainty and concern over the future of Afghanistan’s cultural heritage. This concern is particularly intensified when looking at previous incidents such as that in 2001 when the Taliban destroyed the Buddha statues in…

Going it alone – the lives of China’s single people

Duncan Bartlett, China in Context Podcast – 13 April 2021 Duncan Bartlett, Research Associate at SOAS China Institute and Editor of Asian Agenda, hosts the China in Context podcast which offers expert insight into the politics and culture of China, as well as Chinese international affairs. For episode 10 he discusses the changing attitudes of…

Commemorating 20 years since the destruction of two Buddhas of Bamiyan, Afghanistan

Ernesto Ottone R., UNESCO – 11 March 2021 Marking twenty years since the Taliban tragically destroyed the Buddhas of Bamiyan, this UNESCO article takes the anniversary as an opportunity to show their solidarity with the Afghan people and stress the importance of preserving cultural heritage. Read the full article here.

The deception and detriment of US-China cultural and educational decoupling

Cheng Li and Ryan McElveen – Brookings This article was originally published in China-US Focus. As the United States insignia was stripped and the American flag was lowered over the U.S. consulate in Chengdu, China, in late July, a bridge that had connected America with western China for 35 years was severed. Soon thereafter, the U.S. embassy…