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This Nurse Trained for the Olympics While Fighting on the Frontlines

Chaunie Brusie, – 26 July 2021 Singaporean Joan Poh, 30 years old, is both an Olympic athlete and a dialysis nurse. The New York Times recently published a profile on Poh, recounting her heroism during the pandemic, her working-class background and her struggle to fit in both her demanding frontline job and Olympic training…

Japan, Australia to promote regional trade deals

Japan Today – 16 July 2021 In the recent third Japan-Australia Ministerial Economic Dialogue, both Tokyo and Canberra agreed the importance of both the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership in economic recovery after Covid-19 restrictions and agreed on a commitment to promoting the two regional trade deals. Read the full article here.

China in Context EP20: The economic implications of Covid-19

Duncan Bartlett, SOAS China Institute – 22 June 2021 In this episode of the China in Context podcast, Duncan Bartlett talks with Tommy Wu, lead economist for the Asia-Pacific region at Oxford Economics, about the economic worries that remain for the country despite their impressive economical bounce-back. Listen to the full podcast here.

Heriot-Watt University Dubai Launches COVID-19 Relief Scholarship For India

India Education Diary – 10 May 2021 The pandemic has swept through India at a staggering pace, with the country now reporting over 250,000 deaths. Many prospective international students may now have their study plans suspended, however Heriot-Watt University Dubai have launched a Covid-19 Relief Scholarship for Indian students who have been hit financially by…

Virus blamed for rise in race attacks

Jeremy Watson, The Times – 4 May 2021 More than a year after Wei Sak was on the receiving end of a hate-induced attack in Edinburgh whilst she was pushing a pram, Asian-hate crime has sky-rocketed compared to figures before the outbreak. In this article on The Times, Asia Scotland Institute comments on the worrying…

Iran’s decade of protests: an interview with Firoozeh Farvardin and Nader Talebi

Gennaro Gervasio and Enrico De Angelis, openDemocracy – 22 March 2021 “Everyday life has become a constant gamble. A taxi driver once told us that ‘they turned the country into a huge casino’”. In this interview Farvardin and Talebi, both Iranian academic researchers at Berlin’s Humboldt University, specialising in Middle Eastern politics, nationalism, migration and gender…