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Zero-Covid policies threaten Hong Kong’s place in the world

Tabby Kinder, Leo Lewis, Tom Mitchell, Primrose Riordan, Chan Ho-Him: The Financial Times: 14th of January 2022 Zero-Covid policies are calling in to question Hong Kong’s reputation as an international hub of business and finance. Global Financial centers depend on the free movement of people and ideas. That is impossible under the current restrictions and…


Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductors are strategic technological assets of critical importance to the global economy. Their use is ubiquitous in laptops, smartphones, cars, and defense equipment. COVID-19 semiconductor supply issues have also highlighted the lack of companies that produce semiconductors and their geographical proximity. As we can see from this graph, the small island democracy of Taiwan dominates…

This Nurse Trained for the Olympics While Fighting on the Frontlines

Chaunie Brusie, – 26 July 2021 Singaporean Joan Poh, 30 years old, is both an Olympic athlete and a dialysis nurse. The New York Times recently published a profile on Poh, recounting her heroism during the pandemic, her working-class background and her struggle to fit in both her demanding frontline job and Olympic training…

Japan, Australia to promote regional trade deals

Japan Today – 16 July 2021 In the recent third Japan-Australia Ministerial Economic Dialogue, both Tokyo and Canberra agreed the importance of both the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership in economic recovery after Covid-19 restrictions and agreed on a commitment to promoting the two regional trade deals. Read the full article here.

China in Context EP20: The economic implications of Covid-19

Duncan Bartlett, SOAS China Institute – 22 June 2021 In this episode of the China in Context podcast, Duncan Bartlett talks with Tommy Wu, lead economist for the Asia-Pacific region at Oxford Economics, about the economic worries that remain for the country despite their impressive economical bounce-back. Listen to the full podcast here.

Heriot-Watt University Dubai Launches COVID-19 Relief Scholarship For India

India Education Diary – 10 May 2021 The pandemic has swept through India at a staggering pace, with the country now reporting over 250,000 deaths. Many prospective international students may now have their study plans suspended, however Heriot-Watt University Dubai have launched a Covid-19 Relief Scholarship for Indian students who have been hit financially by…