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When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

Sarun Charumilind, Matt Craven, Jessica Lamb, Adam Sabow and Matt Wilson – McKinsey & Company Normalcy by spring, and herd immunity by fall? We assess the prospects for an end in 2021. In 1920, a world wearied by the First World War and sickened by the 1918 flu pandemic desperately sought to move past the…


COVID-19 and China’s information diplomacy in Southeast Asia

Audrye Wong – Brookings Considerable attention has focused on China’s information campaigns designed to shape global narratives through a variety of channels. But this article by Audrye Wong highlights how China’s choice of tactics has varied across regions and countries. In Southeast Asia, Beijing has focused on striking a cooperative tone and highlighting China’s positive…


How to make telehealth more permanent after COVID-19

Nicol Turner Lee and Niam Yaraghi – Brookings The coronavirus outbreak, or COVID-19, has fundamentally transformed our lives and communities, contributing to economic declines, disruptions in schooling, and distressed hospital systems. However, the pandemic has generated some silver linings, including the widespread adoption of telehealth that has helped to mitigate the risk of community spread by reducing…