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China has adopted a right path since the COVID-19 outbreak, criticizing the politicization of origins tracing: top expert Zhong Nanshan

Global Times – 3 October 2021 A ‘zero-Covid’ strategy has been the right path for China, according to top respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan. Zhong noted that “China’s COVID-19 control reflected the principle of “healthy China” that is achieved not via treatment but by prevention. It is also in line with traditional Chinese medicine’s philosophy —…

China will have to learn to live with COVID-19 too

East Asia Forum – 27 September 2021 China’s no-tolerance approach to Covid-19 is a safe but unsustainable strategy when it comes to returning to a level of normality in future, according to this article on East Asia Forum. No plans for living with an endemic disease means the country is not yet ready to put…

Why Hong Kong’s “zero-covid” strategy could backfire

The Economist – 6 October 2021 The people of Hong Kong can enjoy freedom within their own borders however are subject to strict immigration and quarantine rules out-with as a result of a no-toleration approach to the pandemic. The Economist explains why Hong Kong’s ‘zero-Covid’ strategy has resulted in a population with high vaccine-hesitancy and…

Asian countries are at last abandoning zero-covid strategies

The Economist – 9 October 2021 “Yet those with a good first act are struggling in the second. The coronavirus, especially the highly infectious Delta variant, usually has the last word”. According to this article on The Economist, despite the risks of low vaccination rates, Southeast Asian countries opening up their economies are right to…

Coronavirus: Southeast Asian countries choose to reopen, balancing virus with economy

Bloomberg, South China Morning Post – 13 September 2021 Despite experiencing one of the worst waves of infections, countries in Southeast Asia are slowly concluding that their un-sustainable ‘zero-Covid’ policies are crippling the domestic economy. Replicating Singapore’s strategy, they are choosing to open up their economies. Read the full article here.

China in Context EP20: The economic implications of Covid-19

Duncan Bartlett, SOAS China Institute – 22 June 2021 In this episode of the China in Context podcast, Duncan Bartlett talks with Tommy Wu, lead economist for the Asia-Pacific region at Oxford Economics, about the economic worries that remain for the country despite their impressive economical bounce-back. Listen to the full podcast here.

Virus blamed for rise in race attacks

Jeremy Watson, The Times – 4 May 2021 More than a year after Wei Sak was on the receiving end of a hate-induced attack in Edinburgh whilst she was pushing a pram, Asian-hate crime has sky-rocketed compared to figures before the outbreak. In this article on The Times, Asia Scotland Institute comments on the worrying…

An upbeat mood on Asia is registered at the Boao Forum despite Covid crisis

Duncan Bartlett, China Plus – 22 April 2021 Booming post-Covid Asian economies, vaccine alliances and U.S.-China relations, in this article on China Plus Duncan Bartlett analyses the key messages from the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 which took place last week. Read the full article here.

Thai hotel groups urge scrapping of quarantine rules for vaccinated tourists

John Reed, Financial Times – 24 January 2021 For a country so reliant on tourism, Covid-19 has been disastrous for Thailand’s economy. Boats marooned, pubs and restaurants shut and tuk tuks parked, the country is eager to get tourists back in and quarantine-free travel for those already vaccinated could be the start. This article on…