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Climate change: the implications for regional security

Zachary Abuza, Radio Free Asia – 1 November 2021 Southeast Asia is one of the regions most vulnerable to the effects of climate change and, according to this article on Radio Free Asia, the most imminent threat from climate change to the region is security: rising seas will inundate cities, temperature will affect food production…

China’s deafening silence speaks loudest at global climate talks

The Straits Times – 6 November 2021 After the first week of meetings at the COP26 summit in Glasgow, climate experts have noted China’s “deafening silence” at the talks. Noted was their small delegation, lack of voice in talks and their push-back against calls to cut carbon emissions more quickly. Read the full article here.

Is Asia and the Pacific Ready for the Global Climate Stage?

Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana, IISD – 1 November 2021 There is a clear change of direction and cause for optimism concerning climate change momentum in Asia and the Pacific, but vested interests could act to slow this down. This article by The International Institute for Sustainable Development looks at whether the region is ready for the…

Adapt or Abandon? Hard Choices in the Himalayas

T.V. Padma, Sapiens – 27 October 2021 “Home or away, then, these Himalayan communities find that maintaining their cultural identity, heritage, and way of life is an uphill task.” This article on Sapiens documents the struggles of people in the Himalayas as climate change disrupts their livelihoods. Read the full article here.


Roddy Gow, Chairman and Founder, The Asia Scotland Institute – 10th October 2021 Over the coming days, Glasgow will host the largest and most important sequel to the Paris Climate Accords. The hope is that the momentum generated by that meeting can be revived and a return of leadership from the United States be achieved. The…