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Hard Questions for NATO post-Afghanistan

Stefanie Babst, Internationale Politik Quarterly – 2 September 2021 “The Western allies need to review what went wrong in Afghanistan with a genuine sense of humility. Otherwise they are bound to repeat the same mistakes in the future”. This article on Internationale Politik Quarterly looks at four hard questions for NATO after the fall of…

Afghanistan always defeats the West

William Dalrymple, UnHerd – 30 August 2021 The correlation between the First and Fourth Anglo-Afghan War is substantive and a grasp of history dating back to the first war from 1939-42 would have, according to this article, prevented a disastrous war and avoided another military humiliation for the West. Read the full article here.

Post-Brexit Britain has its sights on Asia—if it can get over Europe first

Annabelle Timsit, Quartz – 14 January 2021 Over the years, the centre of the global economic and political system has shifted in the East’s favour, with many European countries developing strategies for engaging with Asia. If we can first overcome the challenges of European-sized holes in trade and political opportunities, this shift in power systems…