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Heidi Kuhn, CEO & Founder of ‘Roots of Peace’ on her Roots of Peace Initiative

In recognition of International Landmine Awareness Day on 4 April we bring to you a video from Heidi Kuhn, CEO and Founder of ‘Roots of Peace’, an internationally acclaimed humanitarian organisation working in war-torn lands around the world removing landmines, restoring the land and rebuilding peaceful communities. Heidi Kuhn has agreed to speak to the…

McKinsey & Company publish ‘Beyond Coronavirus: The path to the next normal

“The coronavirus is not only a health crisis of immense proportion—it’s also an imminent restructuring of the global economic order. Here’s how leaders can begin navigating to what’s next.” For more details and access of the full article, please check the following link: 

ASI Chief Executive Announcement Apr 20

CE & Founder of the ASI, Mr Roddy Gow OBE, explains to Members, Sponsors, Partners and Followers of the Institute how the Asia Scotland Institute is adapting to COVID 19 and its future direction in this video:     

Automation and Artificial Intelligence and how machines are affecting people and places

Brookings explore Automation and Artificial Intelligence and how machines are affecting people and places. Current discourse suggests that automation will bring neither apocalypse nor utopia, but instead both advantages and disadvantages.  The report provides a detailed analysis and concludes with a comprehensive response framework for policymakers. See report here:        

How South Korea ‘Flattened the Curve’

  How South Korea Flattened the Curve The ASI wish to thank the Asia Society for allowing us to broadcast this video, in their COVID19 #InThisTogether series which addresses how South Korea have managed Croronavirus. Arguably no country has done a better job of managing the coronavirus outbreak than South Korea. In the weeks since…

ASI Update: COVID-19

Dear Followers and Supporters of the Asia Scotland Institute, In support of government policy to contain the spread of COVID-19, we are having to modify the way in which we present our speaker programmes. The Institute team is now working remotely away from our base at the ECCI. Over the coming two months we plan…

Madiha Afzal- Pakistan teeters on the edge of potential disaster with the coronavirus

As of March 26, coronavirus cases in Pakistan — the world’s fifth most populous country — climbed to 1,190; nine people have died. Pakistan currently has the highest number of cases in South Asia, more even than its far larger neighbor, India. In this densely populated country of more than 210 million, with megacities Lahore…