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The Developing World: The Bigger COVID-19 Disaster in the Making

This article was originally published by the Centre for Global Policy on 6 May and the author is Dr Azeem Ibrahim. As damaging as the COVID-19 pandemic has been in China and the West, it is set to devastate developing countries through death tolls, economic hardships and instability.  The news coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic…

Clouded thinking in Washington and Beijing on COVID-19 crisis

This article from the Brookings Institute highlights how difficult domestic situations in both China and the United States is encouraging more nationalistic and ‘wolf-warrior’ diplomacy in their dealings with each other.

Financial decision-maker sentiment during the COVID-19 pandemic: A global perspective

Solving the COVID 19 humanitarian challenge is obviously the first priority. Much remains to be done globally to respond and recover, but this collection of articles and research from Mckinsey & Company seeks to track financial decision-maker sentiment and behaviour across multiple countries to provide facts and insight.

Le Dinh Tinh – What Vietnam can share with the world in fighting COVID?

Dr Le Dinh Tinh, Director General of the Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies, Hanoi, Vietnam, shares his insights about what the world can learn from Vietnam in combating the pandemic in his article published on Sunday Guardian Live. It has not gone for massive testing but has controlled infected people, implemented contact tracing.…

China: Technology

As part of the Brookings Institute Global China series, assessing China’s growing role in the world, the Brookings team have produced an in-depth article on China’s global technology ambitions and assesses their desire to achieve global technological leadership. China’s rapid technological advances are significant in contemporary geopolitical competition, with some countries raising concerns about how…

Coronavirus: Industrial IoT in challenging times

This article from Mckinsey & Company explores how the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) can help companies navigate the current crisis of COVID 19 and emerge stronger . As the coronavirus continues, governments, healthcare authorities, and business leaders are focused on preserving lives, but in parallel, they want to lessen the humanitarian toll by protecting…

Winning against COVID-19: The implications for biopharma

This article from Mckinsey & Company considers the biopharma sector and highlights how biopharma companies act individually and collectively in the coming weeks and months will not only shape the outcome of the pandemic, but also the reputation of the biopharma industry for decades. It explains how the world is looking to biopharma and the…

Turkey and COVID-19: Don’t forget refugees

The Institute has been focusing on the plight of migrant workers, refugees and the most vulnerable in society as a result of COVID19. Turkey has experienced more confirmed cases of the virus than most countries in the world. Whilst the Government has managed to minimise the number of deaths, real challenges remain, particularly for its…

Coronavirus: Airlines brace for severe turbulence

As part of the The Institute’s look at the fate of the airline industry this article published by Mckinsey & Company addresses the strategies that need to be adopted by the industry to enable them to remain in business and return to the skies.