Articles & Contributions from Members & Partners

Arts – Michael Goedhuis on the artist Qiu Deshu

The Asia Scotland Institute is delighted to offer this video from Michael Goedhuis on the artist Qiu Deshu. Michael, a previous speaker at the Institute, has over the last 20 years established himself as a pioneer in the field of modern and contemporary Chinese art. He now represents many of the most important artists in…

ASI Chief Executive Announcement Apr 20

CE & Founder of the ASI, Mr Roddy Gow OBE, explains to Members, Sponsors, Partners and Followers of the Institute how the Asia Scotland Institute is adapting to COVID 19 and its future direction in this video:     

New Publication Section: Be Immersed in a Confluence of Unique Insights

The Asia Scotland Institute is now offering a new section on the website where you can explore the unique views of our Senior Fellows. It will be a hub of knowledge and insight, and the authors will be writing on topics of global importance for today’s internationally connected professionals and scholars. In a world where thin and insubstantial online content prevails, this new section…