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Our future lies beyond our shores

Scotland has a new world-class think tank, the Scottish Council on Global Affairs. This new institution was launched in Edinburgh Castle on 27 April and will bring together the brightest minds to develop public policy and disseminate new ideas to the nation and participate in the global dialogue. This focused approach to engaging with global issues is a great initiative and long overdue.

How a Taliban victory in Afghanistan has changed the geopolitical map

Beyond the daily scenes of terrified Afghans striving to find a way through to the airport in Kabul as they seek a way out of the country, the significant longer-term issue that we need to be aware of is the changed geopolitical landscape of Central Asia. Roddy Gow – 9th September 2021 How will the…


Chairman and Founder of the Asia Scotland Institute, Roddy Gow OBE, has recently had the following article published in the Scotsman. As we have watched the drama play out on television and in the press that has been the US Presidential Election of 2020, how is this seen by others? Even in Scotland where we…

ASI Chief Executive Announcement Apr 20

CE & Founder of the ASI, Mr Roddy Gow OBE, explains to Members, Sponsors, Partners and Followers of the Institute how the Asia Scotland Institute is adapting to COVID 19 and its future direction in this video: