Our 25th Anniversary #FootstepsForPeace Continue Around the World

Our 25th Anniversary #FootstepsForPeace Continue Around the World

77th Anniversary of Original UN Delegates in Muir Woods, Marin County, California

On May 19, 1945, the original delegates of the United Nations gathered beneath the towering redwood trees of Muir Woods following the atrocities of World War II. 

American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt never wanted the world to experience another horrific war and selected the majestic forest in Marin County, California, as an inspiration site in nature for the world to draw ancient wisdom from these divine ‘temples of peace’.

Success Story: Abundant Peach 
Harvest in Afghanistan

The peach harvest is underway in many parts of Afghanistan. Owing to warmer than usual conditions, peaches are ripening as much as a month early in some areas, giving farmers a head start on this important cash crop. Farmers feeling the pinch of the food crisis will see an earlier source of revenue and added food for their families.

Many of the fruit trees currently being harvested were planted by ROP over the past dozen years. Our orchard establishment program has converted low-income cereal farms into high-value orchards and vineyards. We distributed nearly 6 million saplings, designed orchard layouts and provided training in best agriculture practices, ensuring that farmers reaped the maximum quality and quantity from their labors.

Abdul Raziq, a farmer from Nangarhar Province, received support from ROP’s Commercial Horticulture and Agricultural Marketing Program (CHAMP) starting in 2017. He’s currently receiving fertilizer and training under ROP’s Agriculture Marketing Program.

“I’m so grateful for the training that Roots of Peace brought to this remote area of Nangarhar” he said. “The conditions here are harsh and the needs of farmers are great.”

Our Footsteps for Peace in Vietnam

As war rages in Ukraine, we decided to take bold Footsteps for Peace to Cu Chi, Vietnam, to show the world the legacy of war in remote villages where children today suffer the effects which occurred long before they were born. The Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975, yet the suffering continues over 50 years later.

As we greeted the orphans who were deaf from severe birth defects, we were reminded of our obligation to help the suffering children in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and worldwide. For as war continues to wage, the destiny of Vietnam will be the future of Ukraine in 2072—a land contaminated by unexplored ordnance and the long-term effects of chemical weapons.

Frank Yih, Chairperson, Roots of Peace Asia, joined efforts to donate $10,000 to the Thien Phuc orphanage and Cu Chi Disability School, so that these forgotten children may have the necessary food and supplies to support their growth. Members of the Rotary Club of Saigon joined Heidi Kuhn, Rotary Club of SF#2 and recipient of the ‘Service Above Self’ award by Rotary International for a two hour journey to this remote village. The Vietnamese Rotarians were proud to welcome RI President Shehkar Mehta only the day before, and they immediately went to work to help rural families to ‘grow more, do more’.

We would like to call upon global citizens to remove deadly landmines from the face of the earth, and plant sustainable peace through agriculture for future generations of children to thrive.

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