The death of K-pop

The death of K-pop

David Tizzard, The Korea Times – 24 January 2021

In comparison to the dazzling lights of K-Pop concerts and the bright colours on their social media feeds, this article on The Korea Times by David Tizzard is a somewhat more sombre account of the industry’s global achievements. Tizzard uses the theme of changing trends to explain why it is merely a waiting game until “K-pop will be surpassed by something new in the cultural zeitgeist”.

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Confessions of a Former K-Pop Idol

In his aricle, Tizzard touches on what differentiates K-Pop from normal pop music, that being the “highly-stylized and choreographed” dance routines and music. This kind of art is predominantly manufactured by companies that also control the idols’ personal lives and characters, from how they act to what they eat. As such, there have been scandals emerging from the industry of exploitation. Below, this Asian Boss interview with a former K-Pop idol reveals the struggles she experienced as a member of Crayon Pop.

Asian Boss – Confessions of a Former K-Pop Idol

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