American Carnage

American Carnage

The Jakarta Post – 8 January 2021

This article in The Jakarta Post, an Indonesian English-language newspaper, describes the scenes that unfolded at The Capitol on Wednesday and the outgoing president’s role in it.

There is a prevailing theme among reporting on the event from all Asian countries: this was the culmination of four years of a presidency that enabled deepening divides within America, politically, culturally and racially, however it doesn’t make what happened any less shocking. Indonesia’s democracy has been tested recently, particularly during Covid-19: the deterioration of civil liberties and a lack of transparency by the government all indicate a regression in their democratic system since they transformed their centralised regime in 1999. Nevertheless, this article has made a point of calling for Americans to “take corrective measures to rebuild their democracy in the wake of this Trump-induced carnage”.

Read the full article on The Jakarta Post here.

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