Heartbreak, humiliation and tragedy for the United States

Heartbreak, humiliation and tragedy for the United States

The Japan Times – 7 January 2021

This unforgiving headline was seen in The Japan Times’ article on the shocking events that unfolded at The Capitol building in Washington D.C. on Wednesday.

Japan’s reaction to the riots are a mirror of many states around the world, particularly that of close allies of the U.S.. Relations between the two countries have been among some of the most stable, sharing a close bond. Quoting the article, ”the image of the United States has been indelibly stained” however “the guardrails can be and are being stressed and it is up to us all as citizens to see them made strong”. Clearly, Japan still considers its U.S. alliance more important than ever and the vast majority of Japanese still think highly of their American counterparts.

Read the full article for further insight into Japan’s reaction to the events at The Capitol here.

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