What Will the Biden Administration Mean for Southeast Asia?

What Will the Biden Administration Mean for Southeast Asia?

Joshua Kurlantzick – World Politics Review

With a Biden administration on the horizon, what will his approach to the Southeast Asian region look like? Will it resemble Trump’s or will he take a more engaging approach?

Apart from containing the pandemic, Biden’s main aim for when he first takes presidency is to repair America’s frayed relationships caused by Trump’s harsh foreign policies. Despite the democrats growing increasingly wary and distrustful of Beijing, in order to contain China’s growth they recognise the need to repair their fractured relationship. If Biden wishes to do so whilst also pursuing a tough approach towards their influence in U.S. activities, he must also garner support from Southeast Asian countries to his China policy. However, with China’s massive influence in the region this will be difficult. Joshua Kurlantzick of World Politics Review takes a look at how he expects Joe Biden to interact with the region and what policies he will pursue to appeal to Southeast Asian states.

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