The impact of COVID-19 on future mobility solutions

The impact of COVID-19 on future mobility solutions

This article was written collaboratively by members of the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility. The authors include Saskia Hausler, Kersten Heineke, Russell Hensley, Timo Moller, Dennis Schwedhelm and Pei Shen.

As the COVID-19 crisis rages, public life in many countries is grinding to a halt. The human toll is enormous, with the patient caseload and deaths increasing exponentially worlwide. On the economic side, the coronavirus has forced many businesses to cease or slow down operations.

Automotive OEMs and players within the mobility industry are among the hardest hit. Over the long term, COVID-19 could have a lasting impact on mobility as it drives change in the macroeconomic environment, regulatory trends, technology, and consumer behaviors. The trends may vary by region, however, so responses and outcomes for mobility players will differ by location.

Follow the link below for the McKinsey & Company article highlighting why and how, as the global pandemic spreads, mobility players in different regions need to prepare for the new world ahead.

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