Agriculture’s connected future: How technology can yield new growth

Agriculture’s connected future: How technology can yield new growth

Lutz Goedde, Joshua Katz, Alexandre Menard, and Julien Revellat – McKinsey & Company

One of the oldest industries must embrace a digital, connectivity-fuelled transformation in order to overcome increasing demand and several disruptive forces.

The agriculture industry has radically transformed over the past 50 years. Advances in machinery have expanded the scale, speed, and productivity
of farm equipment, leading to more efficient cultivation of more land. Seed, irrigation, and fertilizers also have vastly improved, helping farmers increase yields. Now, agriculture is in the early days of yet another revolution, at the heart of which lie data and connectivity. Artificial intelligence, analytics, connected sensors, and other emerging technologies could further increase yields, improve the efficiency of water and other inputs, and build sustainability and resilience across crop cultivation
and animal husbandry.

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