COVID-19 and China’s information diplomacy in Southeast Asia


COVID-19 and China’s information diplomacy in Southeast Asia

Audrye Wong – Brookings

Considerable attention has focused on China’s information campaigns designed to shape global narratives through a variety of channels. But this article by Audrye Wong highlights how China’s choice of tactics has varied across regions and countries. In Southeast Asia, Beijing has focused on striking a cooperative tone and highlighting China’s positive image, in contrast with its approach to the United States and Europe. 

Amidst growing attention in the United States to authoritarian foreign influence operations, China has been actively developing and mounting its own information campaigns in an attempt to shape global narratives. 

Such narratives are not only propagated through official channels and traditional state media propaganda — including what have come to be known as “wolf warrior”-style diplomats — but also amplified through the manipulation of social media platforms. Especially in response to recent crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Hong Kong protests, Beijing appears to have partially adopted Moscow’s disinformation playbook.

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