SCDI plan for Scotland’s Green Recovery

SCDI plan for Scotland’s Green Recovery

The Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) have developed a plan for Scotland’s Green Recovery from the COVID-19 crisis with our Clean Growth Leadership Group and our members. It has 12 big ideas for how we kick-start the Scottish economy, create new green jobs and accelerate our progress to net-zero. It contains four fundamental principles:

Impact – Ideas which will accelerate our progress to net-zero, maximise impact on jobs, productivity, wellbeing and clean
growth and deliver results at pace.
Resilience – Ideas which will increase the resilience of our society, economy and environment to future disruption, shocks and
Fairness – Ideas which will reduce inequality, protect at-risk communities and support a just transition to net-zero.
Ambition – Ideas which will boost our global competitiveness as a world-leader in clean growth innovation, technologies and

Read the report here. SCDI are seeking your feedback.

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