Semiconductor design and manufacturing: Achieving leading-edge capabilities

Semiconductor design and manufacturing: Achieving leading-edge capabilities

An article published by McKinsey & Company highlight that as chips get smaller and competition increases, semiconductor companies need a new strategy that considers everything from fab size to supply-chain issues.

Semiconductors are the unsung heroes of the technology world, working behind the scenes to power everything from toys and smartphones to cars and thermostats. In recent years, they have enabled breakthrough technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, that have transformed how we live and work. Taking the digital revolution to the next level will require even more advanced chips with greater computational power and memory capacity.

With the COVID-19 crisis disrupting supply chains and geopolitical tensions increasing, semiconductor companies have become more interested in achieving end-to-end design and manufacturing capabilities for leading-edge technology. Many governments share this interest and are attempting to support their local semiconductor markets. 

The full article of McKinsey’s can be found below:

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