How coronavirus sparked a wave of innovation in India

How coronavirus sparked a wave of innovation in India

Entrepreneurs and innovators across India have responded quickly to the challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Around the world, social distancing and contact tracing have been the buzzwords of the response to COVID-19. A particular problem as lockdowns begin to ease will be how to stop the virus spreading in public spaces such as airports or bus stations.

As a country with a wealth of engineering talent, a host of new innovations have sprung up in recent weeks fostering what’s called jugaad – a frugal innovation mindset to find hacks to problems with limited resources.

One example being the launch of a COVID-19 tracking app that uses GPS and Bluetooth to inform people when they are at risk of exposure to COVID-19. The app was launched before a similar initiative from tech giants Google and Apple got off the ground.

India needs to sustain and enhance this entrepreneurial mindset to create the next wave of innovation to continue the fight against COVID-19 and for the socio-economic recovery once lock-down restrictions begin to ease.

The World Economic Forum outline India’s innovation efforts in their latest publication:

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