A resilient return for Asia’s manufacturing and supply chains?

A resilient return for Asia’s manufacturing and supply chains?

Asia shows an early glimpse of how manufacturing and supply-chain leaders are responding to disruption caused by the pandemic.

This Mckinsey & Company article by by Didier Chenneveau, Matteo Mancini, and Sahil Shinghal explores the Asia-Pacific region and how different countries are at different stages in their journey through the COVID-19 pandemic. China is broadly beginning to restart its operations amid recovering domestic demand, while other geographies, such as Southeast Asia, Japan, and South Korea, are still tackling cases and under a range of control measures to help stop the spread.

To understand the differing sentiment and responses among manufacturing leaders across the whole region, the authors surveyed more than 200 manufacturing and supply-chain leaders across industries including advanced industries; consumer goods; chemicals; metals and mining; oil and gas; construction, engineering and infrastructure; and transportation and logistics. In short they concluded ‘recovery is coming, but isn’t here yet’


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