China: Technology

China: Technology

As part of the Brookings Institute Global China series, assessing China’s growing role in the world, the Brookings team have produced an in-depth article on China’s global technology ambitions and assesses their desire to achieve global technological leadership. China’s rapid technological advances are significant in contemporary geopolitical competition, with some countries raising concerns about how China may exploit these capabilities and challenge their core interests and values.

These concerns are enmeshed in a broader context of geopolitical relationships, the potential future shift in global value and supply chains, concerns over technology transfer and security, and technology standard-setting. This article assesses China’s growing technological reach in the world by focusing on both thematic and technology-specific topics. It looks at the dynamics of U.S.-China technology competition and regulation. On specific technologies, it looks at China’s progress in the development of fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology, weapons enabled by autonomy and artificial intelligence (AI), power grid cybersecurity, financial technology, biotechnology, surveillance technologies, semiconductors, and space technology. They examine China’s ambitions, obstacles, and achievements, and recommend policy options.

The article is here:

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