How South Korea ‘Flattened the Curve’

How South Korea ‘Flattened the Curve’


How South Korea Flattened the Curve

The ASI wish to thank the Asia Society for allowing us to broadcast this video, in their COVID19 #InThisTogether series which addresses how South Korea have managed Croronavirus.

Arguably no country has done a better job of managing the coronavirus outbreak than South Korea. In the weeks since the first cases were confirmed in the city of Daegu, fewer than 10,000 South Koreans have become infected with COVID-19 — and fewer than 200 have died. These numbers contrast not only with those found in Italy, Spain, and the United States; they also occurred without similarly strict quarantines or drastic economic shutdowns.

Life in South Korea hasn’t returned to normal just yet. But the country’s handling of the crisis nevertheless presents an opportunity for other countries to learn from it. How did South Korea “flatten the curve”?

In a recent conversation with Asia Society Executive Vice President Tom Nagorski, author and historian John Delury and journalist Jeongmin Kim — both based in South Korea — addressed these questions, pointing to abundant testing, an excellent public health care system, and social cohesion as key factors in South Korea’s success. Delury and Kim also commented on how the coronavirus outbreak was playing out in North Korea.

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