The Future is Asia.

The Future is Asia.

Sixth Form pupils of Loretto School listened attentively to Mr Roddy Gow and Mr David Birrell from the Asia Scotland Institute based in Edinburgh.  Its purpose is to encourage and develop a greater understanding of Asia. This year Loretto School’s pupils have attended some of their regular events with global leaders from across Asia and Britain, and have invariably engaged in debate about their ideas.  The recent Sixth Form Lecture at Loretto School was no different as Mr Gow presented the argument that Asia is where our future lies because of its economic potential and current development projects, particularly China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’.  Pupils asked a wide range of questions, from whether Africa is not actually ‘the future’ and Asia ‘the present’, to the desirability of China being allowed in the World Trade Organisation.

Upper Sixth pupil, Akin, commented that ‘it was an interesting perspective on the progress of the economy.  Mr Gow raised the importance Asia will have on the future using statistical evidence to support stronger relations with Asia, such as the fact that its economies will eventually become larger that the USA’s and EU’s combined.  I feel the purpose was to encourage young people to push for more economic connections between the areas and to take advantage of the opportunities coming soon.  He spoke primarily about economic globalisation, though political and ethical issues with globalisation were also highlighted. The problems globalisation can have on the poor were addressed by the fact that poverty in China has returned. It was an insightful and educational lecture, and I am glad to have attended.’

The pupils thanked the guests for their talk in the usual way with a round of applause and a bottle of wine.  Several stayed on for the next half hour to discuss the ideas in more depth and Mr Gow said afterwards that our pupils provided an extremely high level of questioning, comparable to university students.

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