A Letter From the Hong Kong Centre for Carbon Innovation

A Letter From the Hong Kong Centre for Carbon Innovation


This newsletter provides the latest news on HKCCI and events in Hong Kong and Asia.
Featured Articles
Waste Management in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is expected to run out of landfill space by 2019, while the quantity of waste sent to landfill has increased for the fifth consecutive year. A holistic waste management approach is urgently needed to reduce waste generation and increase recycling in the city.Learn more…

Feed-in Tariff Rates Proposed in Hong Kong

At present, about 1% of the city’s electricity is generated from renewable sources. The government has proposed feed-in tariff rates to promote local renewable electricity generation from the public and organisations.Learn more…



Company News
Hong Kong – Scotland Business Innovation Forum
We attended the forum on 13 April, in which the business community gathered to share business innovation ideas. Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, delivered a key note address and promoted Scotland as a location for inward investment. Professor Charlie Jeffery, Senior Vice Principal of University of Edinburgh, also shared on how the University is leading innovation through AI and Informatics.
Supply Chain & Logistic Innovation Forum

We joined the Forum as one of the guest speakers on 22 March. Our talk included a review of sustainable development and how innovations can be applied to reduce environmental impacts and emissions from the supply chain and logistics industries.

The MBA trek programme was successfully held from 14 to 21 April in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. We facilitated the organisation of the programme, including visits to HKE, CLP, Towngas, BYD and TBSI, for the University of Edinburgh Business School students.
Award of Tender

We have been awarded the tender on the provision of service for formulation and implementation of carbon reduction certification scheme for food waste delivery to Organic Resources Recovery Centre Phase 1 by the Environmental Protection Department. We have partnered withEunomia, a UK consultancy firm with expertise in the area of waste facility carbon foot-printing, to provide services for the project.
Collaboration Opportunities
We are working with the following companies in Asia to explore opportunities in technology transfer. Please contact Ms Helena Wong if your would like further details on the opportunities.

Document Data Extraction

Glee Tree, a business robotic process automation company based in Singapore, is looking for technologies to extract data from scanned documents.

Flaxseed Technology 

A Chinese company is looking for cost effective technologies to process flaxseed into products (e.g. flaxseed-based paint and plastic).

Industrial Internet

A Chinese company listed on Nasdaq that provides cloud-based data analytics and AI solutions for enterprises is looking for Industrial Internet technologies.

Waste-to-Energy Facility

Airport Authority Hong Kong is looking for technologies on small-scale waste-to-energy facility that are able to treat less than 50 tonnes of waste per day.

Soil and Waste Treatment

The China Greenland Broad Greenstate Group, a Chinese firm listed in Hong Kong, specialises in landscape design and gardening services for PPP projects in China. The firm is seeking to acquire western environmental-related technologies or patents for soil rehabilitation, water treatment and household waste treatment, etc. to enhance tis market competitiveness in China.

Funding Opportunity

nnovation and Technology Fund for Better Living

The fund aims to finance innovation and technology projects that create convenient, comfortable and safe environment for people to live in, or projects that address the needs of specific community groups. Hong Kong registered companies are eligible for the fund. Overseas companies are welcomed to partner with HKCCI to apply for the fund.
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Our Service
Acceleration Service Pack
We offer customised services with our one-stop service partner – Ascent Partners to fulfill different needs of clients based on their stages of market entrance in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore.
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