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Volume VI, Issue 32: Thursday, 10th August, 2017

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The third Gateway of India Geoeconomics Dialogue will be held in Mumbai on 12-13 March, 2018. Co-hosted with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, the conference brings together high level government officials and business leaders from around the world.
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The Indian government may block the acquisition of Gland Pharma by Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceuticals, a move that offers further confirmation of how China’s opaque business model is causing concern worldwide. This infographic shows some high-profile cases of acquisitions by Chinese companies that ran into local opposition
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By Amit Bhandari, Fellow, Energy and Environment Studies, & Chandni Jindal, Researcher, Gateway House

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Once a laggard, Argentina is now a rising star in South America. Its economy is recovering, GDP growth is stable and financial reforms have taken hold. In 2018, it will host the presidency of the G20, its first step onto the global stage after over a decade in isolation. With Argentina’s G20 agenda fully aligned with India’s priorities, how can India gain?
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By Purvaja Modak, Researcher, Geoeconomic Studies and Assistant Manager, Research Office, Gateway House


Mumbai and Buenos Aires are cities with a shared history of trading, business and entrepreneurship. The parallels are becoming more apparent now, with Buenos Aires expanding the ecosystem of support for business in innovative ways
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By Lina Sonne, Innovation Policy Fellow, Gateway House


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IranThe NationalIran’s Rouhani names females VPs as reformists slam all male cabinet

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Brazil-VenezuelaAl JazeeraWill Brazil be the next Venezuela?

EUGulf TimesWho will be Europe’s Alexander Hamilton

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