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Volume VI, Issue 30: Thursday, 27th July, 2017

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The third Gateway of India Geoeconomics Dialogue will be held in Mumbai on 12-13 March, 2018. Co-hosted with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, the conference brings together high level government officials and business leaders from around the world.
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Indian companies are uniquely positioned to help trim costs and minimise inefficiencies in the currently oversized U.S. healthcare system. The pharmaceutical, medical technology and health IT segments offer scope for a range of interventions that could be mutually beneficial
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By Lina Sonne, Innovation Policy Fellow, Gateway House

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The multi-polar world that BRICS nations seek is not a reality yet and the differences between them do exist. But the BRICS summit in September offers leaders an opportunity to examine a few important financial issues before they can dictate the global agenda
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By Venkatraman Anantha-Nageswaran, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Geoeconomics Studies, Gateway House

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Vietnam has the highest level of bilateral relationship—or ‘Comprehensive Strategic Partnership’—with three countries: China, Russia and India. It envisages a much more active role in the region for India, but many factors mar such a development currently
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By Rajiv Bhatia, Distinguished Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies, Gateway House

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The origin of current India-China hostilities in Bhutan harks back to a colonial era agreement framed in 1890 between the British and the Qing empire on issues related to Tibet and Sikkim. The present standoff is an occasion to revisit many aspects of a relationship that has shown perennial strain
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By Jabin Jacob, Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi

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