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Volume VI, Issue 28: Thursday, 13th July, 2017

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Three epoch-making events in 2016 are continuing to have global repercussions. They were: Brexit, China’s rubbishing of the July verdict of the Permanent Court of Arbitration after it rejected its claims on disputed islands in the South China Sea, and Trump’s election. This article, the prologue to a book-in-progress, The Hinge Year – Geopolitical Dislocations and Dispersals, outlines how these events intersect with transformed geoeconomic realities
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By Neelam Deo, Director, Gateway House

His Highness Aga Khan Adressing in Central Asia 1

The Aga Khan IV, Prince Karim al-Husayni, the religious head of of the Ismaili Shia Imamat, celebrated the diamond jubilee year of his leadership earlier this week with the launch of many development projects. What is not very well known is that Bombay was a centre for the consolidation of the community and its religious leaders’ influence
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By Sifra Lentin, Adjunct Fellow, Mumbai History Studies, Gateway House

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India is departing from catch-all, overarching initiatives in Africa to more nuanced ways of making its contribution felt, such as helping fashion G20’s ‘Compact with Africa’. Many countries are keen to avail of Indian companies’ knowledge and experience of investing in Africa and India’s large diaspora—and such trilateral cooperation is to be welcomed
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By Rajiv Bhatia, Distinguished Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies, Gateway House


Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations and the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, co-hosted the second Gateway of India Geoeconomic Dialogue (GOIGD) on 13-14 February 2017. It brought together 370 delegates from 22 countries and 40 expert panellists from 13 nations. The topics that they covered included: the future of globalisation, the use and abuse of capital flows, disruption in global business models due to digitisation and financialisation, challenges in creating a defence industrial base for India, and aligning developmental and diplomatic goals.

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Gateway House Events

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On 13 July, 2017Venkatraman Anantha-Nageswaran, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Geoeconomics Studies, Gateway House, was a panelist at a seminar on “Chinese Enterprises Going to BRICS and Emerging Economies”. He spoke at the panel on Global Economic Development Tendency and New Trends in BRICS Cooperation, and spoke at the session on Coordination of Development Strategies among the BRICS and Emerging Economies
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From 11-12 July, 2017, the Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS), the Center for BRICS Studies, Fudan University and the Institute of World Economy, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences organised an event in Shanghai titled, “BRICS in a Transitional World Order”. Venkatraman Anantha-Nageswaran, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Geoeconomics Studies, Gateway House was a speaker at this event
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On July 7, Gateway House hosted a discussion with Ambassador Yogendra Kumar, Author of Diplomatic Dimensions of Martime Challenges for India in the 21st century. The topic of the discussion was on “Blue Economy and the Indian Ocean” followed by remarks from Mr. Deepak Shetty, Indian Revenue Services (I.R.S), Former Director General of Shipping and Secretary to the Government of India
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On 3 July, 2017, Gateway House held a meeting on BRICS and India-China relations, with the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China. The discussion was moderated by Neelam Deo, Director, Gateway House
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