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Volume VI, Issue 27: Thursday, 6th July, 2017

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The G20’s response to the economic crisis was effective, the expansion of its scope was logical – but it risks losing relevance if it does not deliver on concrete economic policy design
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By Akshay Mathur, Director, Research and Analysis, and Fellow, Geoeconomic Studies, Gateway House

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The transition to renewable energy is hampered by the lack of suitable, affordable products and specialised financing for its infrastructure. This infographic, part of a policy brief put forth by Gateway House, is set to be tabled at the 2017 Hamburg G20 conference, outlines an ecosystem to overcome these hurdles
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By Amit Bhandari, Fellow, Energy and Environment Studies, Akshay Mathur, Director, Research and Analysis, and Fellow, Geoeconomic Studies, & Purvaja Modak, Researcher, Geoeconomic Studies, and Assistant Manager, Research Office, Gateway House

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The People’s Liberation Army Navy has been steadily building its underwater infrastructure since the 1980s to undertake energy-efficient, long-range and dual-purpose reconnaissance and exploration missions. While the Indian Navy’s superiority is unquestionable, New Delhi should provide it the crucial futuristic paraphernalia
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By Chaitanya Giri, Elsi Origins Network Scientist, Earth-life Science Institute, Tokyo


A close partnership between the U.S. and India, as expressed at the Modi-Trump Summit, will have repercussions on East Asia. Will the region see peace or exacerbated conflict between China and all the nations opposed to its domination?
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By Rajiv Bhatia, Distinguished Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies, Gateway House


Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations and the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, co-hosted the second Gateway of India Geoeconomic Dialogue (GOIGD) on 13-14 February 2017. It brought together 370 delegates from 22 countries and 40 expert panellists from 13 nations. The topics that they covered included: the future of globalisation, the use and abuse of capital flows, disruption in global business models due to digitisation and financialisation, challenges in creating a defence industrial base for India, and aligning developmental and diplomatic goals.

Click here to read the conference report

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