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Volume VI, Issue 26: Thursday, 29th June, 2017

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel from 4-6 July, 2017, marks 25 years of India’s diplomatic relations with the State of Israel. Forging political and economic ties with it has not been smooth sailing, and it’s the Indian Jewish community that has kept a tenuous relationship going
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By Sifra Lentin, Fellow, Mumbai History Studies, Gateway House

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The India-U.S. strategic partnership endures even in the current state of flux, with the joint statement that President Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued holding the seeds of greater cooperation. The statement is sharper on Pakistan and China and softer on contentious bilateral issues
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By Seema Sirohi, analyst

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India-U.S. defence and security ties have flourished in the last decade, with increasing focus on defence technology co-development and co-production. The enhanced G2G engagement is also reflected in the commercial sector where American and Indian defence companies have partnered in the aerospace sector to become part of the global supply chain.
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By Sameer Patil, Director, Centre for International Security & Fellow, National Security Studies, Gateway House


Gateway House Events


Gateway House hosted a private lunch for the Consuls General, on June 29, 2017. The event was attended by Consuls General several countries. After lunch, Vice Admiral Anil Chopra, Distinguished Fellow, International Security & Maritime Studies, Gateway House held a discussion on maritime security.
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On 28 June, 2017, Gateway House hosted a delegation from the South Asia Centre of Fudan University. Neelam Deo, Director, Sameer Patil, Director, Centre for International Security & Fellow, National Security Studies and Amit Bhandari, Fellow, Energy and Environment Studies, Gateway House conducted the discussion with the delegation
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