Introducing WeChat Pay

Introducing WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay arrived in Scotland when the Asia Scotland Institute signed up and adopted its payment system. Used by nearly a billion Chinese, WeChat is one of the most popular apps in China and its payment capability is used to transfer literally trillions of renminbi between friends, families and businesses. In a world where Chinese do not have access to credit or debit cards, enabling use to be made of WeChat Pay in Scotland will have a great impact on tourism, students and related payments.

Commenting on the agreement reached with Wikaas on behalf of WeChat Pay for both off and on-line payments Roddy Gow, Chairman said “I am delighted that the Asia Scotland Institute is able to take the lead in this way and demonstrate that Scotland is truly open for business with China and our many Chinese visitors and students. We are very confident that increased interest and activity will result”.

The Asia Scotland Institute is the leading not for profit in Scotland dedicated to educating and inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders to engage with pan-Asia. It does so through organising events and bringing outstanding global Speakers to Scotland –

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