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Volume VI, Issue 23: Thursday, 8th June, 2017

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The 17th Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is being held in Astana this week at which Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif will be present. But no meeting is likely to take place between them–and even if it does, it will not advance peace between the two countries
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By Ashok Sajjanhar, former Ambassador of India to Kazakhstan, Sweden, and Latvia.

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This regional grouping, which was envisioned as a potential bridge between SAARC and ASEAN, turns 20 on June 6. It achieved very little until last year, when efforts to revive its original mission began quite by accident. It has the potential to make greater strides if member states adhere to their commitments.
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By Rajiv Bhatia, Distinguished Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies, Gateway House


Saudi Arabia and its allies have broken off diplomatic ties with Qatar, but Iran may be their real target, a possibility reinforced by some recently leaked emails from a UAE diplomat
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By Amit Bhandari, Fellow, Energy and Environment Studies, Gateway House


Speakers at the ‘1st BRICS Think Tank Forum on Pragmatic Cooperation’, held in Shanghai last month, discussed ways to tackle new challenges as globalisation moves into the next phase where the BRICS countries will take the lead
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By Purvaja Modak, Researcher, Geoeconomic Studies & Assistant Manager, Research Office, Gateway House


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The Week Past

Venezuela: Al Jazeera, Nicolas Maduro vows constituent assembly referendum

India-Japan: Japan Times, Diet endorses pact to export civil nuclear technology to India

The Week Ahead

North Korea: Korea Times, New N. Korea policy

Ocean Conference: South African Institute of International Affairs, Room for (Blue) Growth? Exploring national, regional and global ocean strategies

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