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Volume VI, Issue 18: Thursday, 4th May, 2017

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The newly powerful Turkish president’s visit led to both sides committing to a stronger economic relationship and boosting people-to-people contact, but it had its unacceptable moments, and India had prepared for its unpredictability of outcome
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By Rajendra M. Abhyankar, Professor, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University


China is coming in from a position of strength to challenge American primacy in the Asia-Pacific, and the Trump administration needs to abjure the hopeful, hesitant approach of its predecessors
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By Seema Sirohi, Washington-based analyst


New Delhi’s space policy makers have been promoting the possibility of deriving Helium-3 from the Moon for Earth-based applications for over a decade—but it is not a viable proposition and it’s time they stopped placing the cart before the horse
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By Chaitanya Giri, Elsi Origins Network Scientist, Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo

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Improvements in wind energy technology can not only benefit India’s energy profile, but also enhance relations with neighbouring countries
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By Amit Bhandari, Fellow, Energy and Environment, Gateway House

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Enter the ‘Strongman’
The world is witnessing the resurgence of the political strongman. Decisive leaders who are willing to go outside the established boundaries to achieve their goals. This phenomenon is present across the world, breaking all geopolitical divides and changing the way diplomacy will work in the future Tune in

The New World Order, a podcast series designed to observe, define and help you understand the changing political trends across the world.

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