Gateway House Weekly Briefing

Gateway House Weekly Briefing

Weekly Briefing

Volume VI, Issue 16: Thursday, 20th April, 2017

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The IMF spring meetings on April 21-23 will take place amidst good news of the global economy moving into a better position. But the underlying fundamentals are still weak both in advanced countries and emerging markets, with the risks considerable. Economic policy makers must recognise and address the challenges with global consensus and multilateral actions
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By Anoop Singh, Distinguished Fellow, Geoeconomic Studies, Gateway House


Referendums are a way of mobilising society and bringing in exceptional change. Turkey’s third constitutional referendum in the last 10 years, being held on Sunday, April 16, is the greatest of them in many respects as it puts the country on uncharted waters, having it move from one unbalanced system to another
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By Dr. Güven Sak, Managing Director, The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV)

Myanmar’s first democratically elected government in decades completes a year this month, but it has not won widespread appreciation on many counts. Critics have highlighted the areas of darkness, but ignored its many achievements
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By Rajiv Bhatia, Distinguished Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies Programme, Gateway House & former ambassador

the telegraph

Extreme right candidate, Marine Le Pen, and Emmanuel Macron, a centrist, will figure in the first round of presidential elections in France on April 23. In a country that has always voted either Republican or Socialist, a departure to the far right will have an impact the markets and many implications for Europe
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By Manju Seth, former Indian Ambassador to Madagascar and Comoros

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Shifting geopolitics of West Asia: part two
Join us as we continue the discussion on West Asia as we examine the Shia-Sunni rivalry in West Asia and its impact on the regional powers of Saudi Arabia and Iran, how oil impacts the geopolitics of the region and how Turkey’s recent referendum puts it on a new course in the region. Tune in

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G20 Policy Briefs

In a policy brief for the G20, Amit Bhandari, Akshay Mathur and Purvaja Modak discuss the need for the G20 to support a push for decentralized, consumer-driven model for solar energy
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In a policy brief for the G20, Akshay Mathur and Purvaja Modak discuss the challenge of data classification when it comes to cross-border trade in services
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