Gateway House Weekly Briefing

Gateway House Weekly Briefing

Weekly Briefing

Volume VI, Issue 12: Thursday, 23rd March, 2017

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Britain will begin its formal exit process from the European Union on March 29. Signs that the EU will survive are clear: public opinion is turning finally in its favour. The European economy has resumed creating jobs, and the unemployment rate, although still high, is steadily declining. Yet, what remains of the project is likely to have a different animus
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By Olivier Da Lage, editor-in-chief, Radio France International


An opportunity to be a part of a recent think tank delegation to China offered an insight into China’s foreign policy, development plans, and issues affecting the India-China bilateral. Gaps in perception that keep both countries apart must be bridged for them to leverage their emerging positions in Asia and the world
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By Purvaja Modak, Researcher, Geoeconomic Studies & Assistant Manager, Research Office, Gateway House.


Europe: entrenched in crises
Europe has been rocked by a number of crises in recent years, be it the EU’s Euro Crisis, the Ukraine Crisis or the International Refugee Crisis. With this legacy of crises along with the foreboding implementation of Brexit later this month, what does the future hold for Europe?Tune in

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A strategic coming together of the U.S., Japan, Australia, and India was close to fruition some years ago, impelled initially by the tsunami of 2004. The spirit of the enterprise remains alive even now, and there are many merits in India joining the quad, but such an arrangement can skew existing Asian equations, jeopardising the Act East policy
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By Rohan Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, Political Science,Yale-NUS College, Singapore

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Clas Neumann, Senior Vice-President, SAP, Shanghai

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Anastasia Likhacheva, National Research University, Moscow

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Dr. Peter Wolff, Head, World Economy and Development Financing, DIE

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