UK Years of Culture 2017

UK Years of Culture 2017

The British Council is organising a series of events to emphasise the relationships and cultural exchanges between the UK and India, Korea and Indonesia.

To celebrate the UK-India relationship the British Council is organising an Arts Tour, with the third stop being Edinburgh. In the lead-up to UK – India 2017, the British Council is bringing you content from some of the most interesting and exciting companies and artists working in the UK today. Find more about the events at city-tour.

From February 2017 through to March 2018 the season will showcase the best of UK arts and culture in Korea. – Stay updated at 18.

The first UK/ID Festival took place during October-December 2016 which included a series of events and performances by some of the best young creative minds from the UK and Indonesia. Find out what happened: 2016-18.


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