Pitching for Dominic Barton

Pitching for Dominic Barton

On the 9th of February students from the University of Edinburgh had the chance to pitch their innovative solution to a tough challenge in Asia in front of a panel chaired by Dominic Barton, the Global Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company.
The presentations were judged based on their impact/innovation, subject knowledge & expertise, scalability, and presentation skills.

The three presentations shortlisted were as follows:

1. Connor Cloughley
MA, Chinese & Russian Studies
Asia: Go With The Flow

Connor Pitching

2. Agne Smilgaite, Danai Tazoglidou, Maria Tsaregorodtseva, Yifan Wu
Msc, Architectural & Urban Design
From Cities of the Dead to The Living City

unnamed (3)

3. Tifani Fauzal
MSc, Finance and Management
The Business Case Against Forest Burning In Indonesia

unnamed (2)

The winner of the pitching contest was the group pitching ‘From Cities of the Dead to The Living City’.
You’ll be able to read more about the winning pitch below.


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