Inspiring the next generation to engage with Asia

Inspiring the next generation to engage with Asia

Last week the Asia Scotland Institute celebrated a record-breaking attendance with Dominic Barton as the guest speaker.

Hosted at the University of Edinburgh, the audience included many of our current and new members who enjoyed a thought provoking and passionate presentation.

It was a truly inspirational talk and theĀ attendees consisted of a cross section of students from schools, colleges, and universities from across Scotland.

Themes included the shifting of power towards Asia, the impact of technology, and the need for greater collaboration across the globe.

Our Institute program continues to grow at pace, and with over 100 new members joining in recent months from across the business community, we continue to build our network of supporters and high-profileĀ programs across Scotland.

As this was our first sold out event this year, we encourage current and new members to book early for our forthcoming events.

Our next event is with Dr. Peter Frankopan on the 16th of March who will talk about the Silk Roads.
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David Birrell
Institute Director

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